The youth parliament Speach Thanushan Srilanka

reetings to all the members elected to the 5th Youth Parliament - Vanakkam,  Ayubuwan, Asalam Alaikum.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the youth, well-wishers, my family, fraternal sports clubs, Udaya-Suriyaan Sports Club, Jayachandran Sir and all the friends who sent me to this high council

I would like to point out that the activity of the National Youth Service Council was less active for the community in conjunction with the Youth Parliamentarians. 

The National Youth Service Council is also unable to provide sports equipment. Not only this, the activities carried out by the National Youth Service Council are not coming to our district on time. It is not known whether it is the fault of the National Youth Service Council or the fault of the district.

I think we can talk about my territory in this House. The Thirukovil area has been affected by massive sea erosion for some years and the sea has penetrated to an area of ​​400m and many coconut trees, houses, lands, public cemeteries, private property and fishing industry have been affected. People have been displaced by this sea erosion. The reason for this is that the port of Oluvil was built without proper planning and similarly the Kinniya ferry accident did not develop when needed

We are moving towards luxury without developing where development is needed.

We are currently talking about development in the country but young people from the country are going abroad for employment How to develop without youth.

Establish a factory in the city to reduce the employment problem,

I would like to point out that teaching vocational education at school level like Japan can take the country to the peak of development in the future.

Thank you for replying that the country will develop only when there is no brokerage business.

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