Tuition classes banned ahead A/L exams From Srilanka

he Examinations Department notified that all tuition classes, seminars and workshops connected to the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination would be disallowed from tomorrow (18) midnight.

The Exams Department announced that tuition and other workshops related to the G.C.E A/Level Exam would be banned from midnight on February 1 to March 5 till the end of the exam.

Commissioner-General of Examinations, L.M.D.Dharmasena said in a notice that the ban will apply in respect of organizing and conducting tuition classes for examination candidates, conducting subject-related lectures, seminars and workshops, publishing hypothetical question papers and publishing or keeping in possession posters, banners, hand bills promising examination questions or publishing them through electronic or print media.

Anyone acting in contraventions of this ban will be deemed guilty under the Public Examinations Act.

If any person or institution acts in contravention of this order, complaints should be made to the nearest Police station, Police Headquarters or the Examinations Department on the following telephone numbers

.Police Headquarters – 011-2421111, Police Hotline – 119, Examination Dept. Hotline – 1911, School Examinations branch – 011-2784208 or 011-2784537, Commissioner General of Examinations 0112785211, 0112785212

2021 (2022) Advanced Level Examination is scheduled to be held from February 07 to March 05, and the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam is set to take place on January 22.

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